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Having a good network infrastructure is essential for companies today. Business continuity can be determined by the operational network infrastructure.

PT Sewiwi Indonesia as a Internet Service Provider, understand these needs. SWiN is open for companies who need place to express all the desires and aspirations in making / designing the network. A network that is not only capable of supporting the company’s business performance, but also to increase the company’s business growth.

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Why is the service from SEWIWI reliable ?

SEWIWI has the ability to provide technical services and facilities for the needs of internet providers. With experience and supported by Swin’s excellent professional team, Swin is ready to provide the best service for your company’s needs for all types of IT fields.

Network Consultant

SWiN gives an intensive and acurate advises cooperatively in order to create good and network problems ...


Creating a good infrastructure is every company goals. SWiN understand these need and try our best to ...

Data Center

We do not accept the risk of the infrastructure company that is not guaranteed because the placement of ...


SWiN is also provide telecommunication service to support the customer needs. SWiN cooperate with ...

Proposed Solution

The combination of software, hardware, other products or equipment, and any and all services
(including any installation, implementation, maintenance and support services).

Data Center

SEWIWI will provide Server Colocation 1U, 2U or 4U as requested in Data Center location at IDC Indonesia Duren Tiga, Jakarta.

Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is a lifeline for businesses, enabling communication, transactions, and data sharing.

Web Development

Web development encompasses the process of creating and maintaining websites and web applications.

Full Manage Service

Our full managed service takes care of all your IT needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.


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