Data Centre

We do not accept the risk of the infrastructure company that is not guaranteed because the placement of devices that do not meet the standard requirements.
We choose the data center not only based its physical looks but also the infrastructural factors in it, the governance, the availability of interconnection, which is important in order to support the operational and business development.

SWiN provide a data center facility for their best customer, including:

Rack Colocation
Rack rental services for the placement of server equipment and other company-owned equipment including internet connection and electric power.
Server Colocation
Your Server Placement Service at Swin Data Center with various additional related facilities according to your company's needs.
Colocation With Redundant Infrastructure
The form of infrastructure services that have been equipped with all-round facilities have backup resources.
Colocation for DRC
The ability of the infrastructure to resume operations in the event of a significant disruption such as a major disaster cannot be forgotten in advance.

With Additional Features:

To support the needs of the operational data center system, we provide additional features

General Facilities
  • • Raised Floor 40cm, AC Down flow, Fire system Gas base FM200, CCTV
Closed Rack
  • With size 45U/110
Power Supply
  • •12 Amp | Rack including UPS and Generator
Ethernet Cable
  • • Eth. Cable Krone Cat6+ 100/1 Giga
Customer Support
  • • 24/7 Standby helpdesk
Internet Connection
Interconnection to carrier provider

Committed to provide the best solution for its customers in developing their network. Supported by professionals who have extensive IT experience

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